Why do I do this to myself?


This blog is a collection of stories that have inspired me. 

My life is divided over three major passions: art, entrepreneurship, and rock climbing.   

This blog documents my experiences in each of those worlds – including the overlap. The resulting web of experiences is my story. It informs the work I do both professionally and personally. 

I hope these stories inspire you, the way the experiences have inspired me. 


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The Art of Failing

These stories were supporting research for my graduate studies. They are a collection of interviews with creative professionals about their relationship with the concept of "failure".

The Stories that Inspired The Art of Failing


Facing Demons

This is an upcoming project, where I will document my experience on rock climbing routes in my area as paintings that transform the landscape to reflect the level of anxiety I was feeling on each section of the climb.  The goal is to express the emotional experience of each climb in pictures to serve as emotional beta for other climbers. 

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