The Larson Project: Illustrator Life - An Interview with Christine Larsen

Christine Larsen is a Harvey Award Nominated cartoonist and Illustrator, living and working in Philadelphia. Her work takes the form of comics, book covers, stories, posters, and websites. Her clientele includes names like Dark Horse, IDW Publishing, BOOM! Studios, DC Online, Saatchi & Saatchi, Simon &Scheuster and Cartoon Network.

Christine also teaches at The University of the Arts and Deleware College of Art and Design where her course material is centered around sequential art and comics.


I met with Christine in her studio to talk about her career as an illustrator, and the challenges she's had to overcome to get to where she is today. She noted balancing the workload to be the hardest part of freelance life. And described how becoming a Mom has made her need to become a pro at scheduling. She described self-motivation as being a key success as an illustrator and warned that one must really love it to pursue it as a full-time occupation. Christine also had some sage advice for rising artists regarding criticism.

"You’ve gotta walk away from it and, take a breath and then, walk back and read it again. Then, see what you can apply to your work in a realistic way"

Christine just released a new comic: Holy Diver.  In typical Microcosmics* fashion, Holy Diver is a story told only in pictures. Christine summarizes it as a tale where "evil rises from the deep and an ancient power gives birth to a god."

Those who pre-ordered already have our hands on a digital copy, but anxiously await the full-color printed version, which is coming soon.

You can check out the slideshow to see Christine's studio and inking process. You'll also hear more about her path as a working artist, and the challenges she's faced. Check out her Patreon and Website to stay up to date on new comics. Follow her on social media to get sneak peeks on works in progress and Microcosmic pre-sales.



*Microcosmics is a series of comics written and illustrated by Christine

Kelly Meissner