Beneath Nexus : Designing and Producing a Tabletop Game

Silverclutch Games was founded in the summer of 2015 in Philadelphia, PA, by Tom Panico and Chris Visco. The duo recently launched their first tabletop gaming product:  Beneath Nexus. Just because they have products in-hand, does not mean the battle is over. Tom opened up about a variety of setbacks the duo has encountered trying to get their product shipped to US backers from their distributor in China.  


"I still have faith in our product, I think that our backers still have faith in our product...We are going to have to take our experience and learn from it, and do significantly better on our next product release." - Tom Panico

From mistakes in production to rising international shipping prices, Tom and Chris have been faced with their share of challenges while trying to fulfill their Kickstarter rewards. This is not unusual for small product companies trying to bring a prototype to market, as they are often working with borrowed money and limited resources.  In the case of Beneath Nexus, international backers have had their product in-hand for 2 months, but the distributor is refusing to release product to the US without a significant up-charge.

Silverclutch intends to debut Beneath Nexus at PAX Unplugged this week, meaning new customers may be able to buy the product before it is ever delivered to the US patrons who funded it's initial creation. Though the circumstances are less than ideal, Tom and Chris are still working with their distributor to find a solution that satisfies their promises to the community that helped them bring their game to life. 

They hope to have this issue resolved before the release of their next product, for which they will be using a more reliable channel of distribution. 

Check out the slideshow above to hear Tom's story. Be sure to follow Silverclutch Games and be the first to hear about their next release, coming soon!

Kelly Meissner