Living the Dream

Centering Your Life Around Your Art

Doug Tweddale has joined the ranks of the 750,000 to one million retirees who choose  R.V.-life after retirement. For Doug, it's not just about the beautiful scenery and laid-back lifestyle, it's all about his art. 

The R.V. lets him access the great outdoors, which is the primary subject of his paintings. Here is his advice to aspiring artists about the challenges all artists face when it comes to "failure". 

Doug spent most of his professional life in the business world, mostly as an administrator, but always made sure to make time for painting. He began painting at age five, inspired by an uncle who was also an artist. Now, with 50 years of painting under his belt, Doug is taking full advantage of his recent increase in free time by traveling all across the U.S. to paint in it's National Parks. 

Doug primarily paints in the Plein Air style of painting, which is focused on painting from within the landscape, rather than from photographs in a studio. His subjects include landscapes and seascapes, as well as architecture and trees and plants. His interest in the natural world stems primarily from his years as a Zoology professor, before he entered the world of business administration. 

Even with 50 years of experience under his belt, and exhibitions in galleries and competitions nation-wide, Doug still has had to face the reality of artistic failure. He has had plenty of times when a painting didn't turn out the way he wanted, or he struggled to find an audience for his work. 

"I've never listened to the inner voices that would say: yes, quit. I've just stuck with it...I've There's always part of all of us, I think, that doesn't want us to be happy. And here I am, I have had many challenges with my art about – oh maybe I should not do it, maybe I am not good enough, maybe...blah blah blah blah blah – but I've not listened to any of that. I've kept up with my art and it's really made my life full. " - Doug Tweddale


Kelly Meissner