Hi, I'm Kelly.

I am a content creator. 


I started out as a graphic designer. From there I studied illustration, got my BFA and became a tattoo artist. I transitioned from decorating skin to clothes, and even had my own apparel line for a little while. Having my own brand made me pursue further education in product development and entrepreneurship. Now I mostly support companies by creating original content: be it written, animated, or illustrated. 

This website is a place where you can share in the joys of my art – both professional, and personal.

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"you are here":


What to Expect on this Website:

Here is the rundown:

You may have ended up here for a number of reasons. To connect with me about an upcoming project. To view samples of my work. Or, maybe you are just down some internet search rabbit hole that's gone terribly wrong. 


Whatever your story may be, welcome –– the categories below should help you find your way around. 



This section of the site gives you basic background info about me and my work. Go here if you want to connect with me via e-mail or social media. 


My WOrk

This is the portfolio section of my site. It holds samples of my work, both professional and personal, across a number of disciplines. 


This is my blog! It has articles I've written on a number of topics from art to entrepreneurship. It also holds some of my journalistic work on topics like The Role of Failure in the Creative Process and Facing Demons.